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Whatever you choose to serve your guests, you can feel confident that our meals are always freshly prepared using Northern California's highest quality ingredients.  Our proximity to the growing fields of the Central Valley and the Salinas coast ensures that our produce is always fresh and flavorful. We source our poultry, meat, and fish from local vendors whenever possible and serve only lean, hormone-free cuts. And we draw on our extensive experience as wedding caterers to make sure that your food is always hot, never dry, and served right on time. 

We've been catering weddings for many years, having done over 1,000 in total.  While details vary from wedding to wedding, the keystone is always the same--great hospitality.  Our goal is to make people comfortable, feed them well, support whatever their event needs may be, and contribute to one of life's greatest memories. 

Wedding menus are customized for each couple.  We can serve you at any church, hall, public venue, or personal residence. Contact us for a consultation. 

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